Cecilion masih menjadi hero supportmage terbaik di mid hingga ke late game saat main game Mobile Legends ML. By buying this gear he will get an additional 60 Magic Power 615 HP 600 Mana.

Info Build Hero Mobile Legends Mobilelegends Cecilion Carmila

Year after year FileCecilionmove03ogg Blood for blood FileCecilionmove04ogg So cold and pale is the moonlight and my Carmilla FileCecilionmove05ogg Fear rises yet love stays still.

Cecilion. Build Cecilion tersakit Cecilion merupakan hero mage di Mobile Legends yang memiliki skill dengan brust damage yang sangat tinggiHero ini memiliki mekanisme stack magic attack seperti halnya skill 1 Aldous. Pretty much everything Cecilion needs. In this Cecilion guide lets see what are his abilities in Mobile Legends and when you can use which skill to get the best out of him.

Cecilion is a hero who relies heavily on skills when fighting and your position in battle is very influential with the effectiveness of this hero when the battle is in progress so that in addition to the right build Gamplay is also very decisive in optimizing each Cecilions skill as a mage killer. This is the first time we design a hero couple which has a special interactive skill. Mobile Legends Cecilion Best Build 2021.

These heroes are both Vampires so it couldnt be hard to guess they had some relationship. Night in night out. This build has High Damage Mana and Mana regen.

Cecilion is one of the heroes that has five skills which are one passive three actives and one special skill when Carmilla is in the same team. According to his background Cecilion was a lover of Carmilla who had previously been released on the original server. Even these two heroes will gain additional skills when meeting in one team.

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Hero ini memiliki spesialitas Burst Damage Poke yang dirilis resmi di Mobile Legends pada 11 Februari 2020 lalu. This is my recommended Cecilion Build 2021. Cecilion Mobile Legends 4k.

Sehingga Cecilion akan semakin kuat dan OP saat fase late game. Popular Desktop 1336×768 1920×1080 3840×2160 1280×800 1440×900 1280×1024 1600×900 1024×768 1680×1050 1920×1200 1360×768 1280×720 Popular Mobile 240×320 320×480 320×568 480×800 480×854 540×960 640×960 640×1136 720×1280 750×1334 1080×1920 1440×2560 2160×3840. For this reason the addition of Cecilions defense requires the Clock of Destiny item.

He is the lover of the Shadow of Twilight Carmilla. And has two passive abilities namely. As a Mage Cecilion has low durability.

Since most of his lifesteal depends on his ultimate. Meanwhile he shoots 40 bolts of blood energy at the enemies nearby each dealing 35 40 45 8 Magic Power 03 Max Mana Magic Damage and slowing them by 3 up to 30. Belum lagi Atlas juga punya skill kedua yaitu Annihilate.

Damagenya begitu besar jika stack Cecilion sudah terkumpul banyak bahkan bisa membunuh satu hero core lawan dengan sekali serang saja. Add 30 HP and 5 Magic Attack every 30 seconds up to 10 times and Reincarnate. Cecilion unleashes his Blood Demon power increasing his Movement Speed by 60 decaying rapidly over 15 seconds and gaining immunity to slow effects.

Cecilion Mobile Legends. Cecilion berikut nama hero tersebut yang kini sudah bisa kalian temukan di dalam game dan dibeli dengan 32 ribu Battle Point maupun 599 diamond. Cecilion doesnt have to worry about running out of mana.

Cecilion was the second hero to released in this year. Cecilion is a Mage specialized in poking enemies and bursting damage. Such a tender lambent moon tonight FileCecilionmove02ogg Ahhh.

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You can use the Ice Queen Wand instead of Concentrated Energyergy cecilion item build. Cecilion Adalah hero yang baru saja masuk dalam daftar koleksi hero mobile legend Hero ini memiliki Role Mage dengan Spesialita Burst Damage serta memiliki Efek Skill yang cukup tinggi hal itu terbukti dari setiap set skill yang dimilikinya merupakan penyumbang damage bahkan menurutkami hampir tidak ada skill yang ditujukan untuk lari dari pertandingan. Cecilion Resmi Dirilis di Mobile Legends Ini Dia Penjelasan Skillnya.

Untuk penyelesaiannya Cecilion tinggal memberikan damage lewat Bat Impact secara terus menerus. Cecilion is a new hero in Mobile Legends he was released this year in February and hes the boyfriend of another relatively new hero Carmilla. As a mage hero that uses his skill for offense Cecilion needs high mana regeneration.

Fortunately Mobile Legends has a shoe item that can increase mana regen and movement speed Demon SHoes. Nah kegunaan skill kedua dari Cecilion tersebut bisa menambah durasi stun sehingga membuat musuh tidak dapat bergerak lebih lama. December 26 2020.

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