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It intends to use 50% of the gold produced after deducting costs, to secure the coin's value. The concept of a cryptocurrency being supported by an asset is not new.

Gold Backed Crypto Bitcoin

Xrp and ripple just won a lawsuit & sec admits xrp might not be a security!

Gold backed crypto gsx. This strategy is better than utilizing fiat currencies but still leaves investors open to the possibility of a gold market crash. Anyone else had a look at this m and considering a pint. Gsx will benefit from the increased backing of the gold, the.

Gsx gives its owners the benefits of having a minimum asset value, like a stable coin, while also facilitating growth in value like traditional cryptocurrencies, all on top of offering dividends to its holders. The assets are all audited by a third party quite often and are also redeemable for physical bullion if you’d prefer. Gold secured currency is backed by 50% of the gold and any other metals mined by apollo.

Gsx is the first stable coin backed by gold and will rise in value, but never drop its gains. This gold backed stable coin is pinned to apollo financials 5,000 acre gold mining operation. Gsx tokens represent a percentage of ownership of all the land, the mine,.

A total of 1 0 billion gsx are available for acquisition with a hard cap of $100 million. Gsx is a stablecoin hosted on the apollo blockchain. That will encourage a constant supply, reduce mining cost, less stress on machines, and allow more time to explore other locations on the mine.

A stable growth coin, backed by some gold mines and a lithium mine. Including a number of alluvial and hard rock gold mines, a copper mine, tantalum mine, nickel mine and lithium mine. Importantly, gsx holders are the actual trust beneficiaries and legal owners of all the land rights, gold, and all mining assets.

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Apollo fintech's gsx explained | a gold backed cryptocurrency march 17, 2021 admin bitcoin for beginners 17 in this cryptocurrency review, i look at apollo fintech’s gsx which is going to be a gold backed cryptocurrency at some point after their token sale. Gsx gives its owners the benefits of having a minimum asset value, like a stable coin, while also facilitating growth in value like traditional cryptocurrencies, all on top of offering dividends to its holders. Gsx diversifies your token assets over the entire value of the mining operations.

The continual increase in the value of such land and gold are definite security assurances backing gsx. Gsx coin (gsx) jinbi (jnb) maya preferred 223 (mapr) melecoin (melc) metalstream (msgld) otoken; Gsx has been receiving plenty of attention from crypto outlets, influencers and bloggers per apollo’s twitter account.

Holders of gsx are eligible for yearly bonuses as thanks for their. Gsx will be influenced based on analysis done by team of apollo fintech company. Gsx is a stablecoin hosted on the apollo blockchain.

In short, the answer is yes. Gsx has the backing of over 3,700 acres of gold mining land in zimbabwe, with over 13 million tons of proven reserves. Gold and land rich in gold.

This token is more than just a digital representation of gold. Gold secured currency is the first stable coin that increases in asset value indefinitely. It’s not only backed by gold but by similar metals as well.

👉 check out gsx gold backed crypto here and get 5% bonus via crypto2103: Gsx takes the gold stablecoin concept and pushed it to the next level. A product of the apollo fintech company, the coin aptly derives its name from being backed by gold and other precious minerals.

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Since it runs on the apollo blockchain, it boasts all the same technology factors as apollo currency(apl). Apollo fintech is launching gold secured currency (gsx) in an ongoing coin distribution event (cde) with an initial price of $0.046 usd each. Apollo fintech’s gold secured currency (gsx) gives everyone a chance to invest without the unpredictability in almost every crypto.

Gsx is secured by assets that are stable and grow in value; Gsx is the acronym for gold secured currency. Features of gold secured currency.

Gsx combines the benefits of the best stable coin and. The court in delaware determined that the sec action, does not say that xrp is a security, ceo brad garlinghouse responds as well as the head lawyer for xrp and ripple. Apollo fintech own lands in zimbabwe country that reserve second most gold in most of their area.

The token is pinned to more than just the audited gold in the safe. Apollo fintech owns over 3,700 acres for gold mining in zimbabwe with a plethora of other precious metals. With many large mines and a refinery being added.

Anyone holding this asset will have rights to the apollo fintech’s trust. The coin integrates all the necessary features to offer the best investment experience in the crypto space. Gold secured currency is the first stable growth coin that increases in asset value.

Gsx will be having their own blockchain followed by apollo blockchain ecosystem. Features of gold secured currency. The gold and precious metals apollo is mining are only a few meters below ground.

Come across this gsx coin. Gsx is an investment token that pays holders yearly dividends. Apollo fintech has gold mining interests in zimbabwe.

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Gold secured currency is the world’s first growth coin and the first coin that rises in asset value. Gsx is now the first stablecoin in the market, rising in value indefinitely. Gold secured currency (gsx) is a stable coin that grants its owners profits for maintaining asset value.

As main reason of adopting blockchain because it offers transparency and distribute nature. However, you can choose for your assets to be just backed by gold if you so choose. Gsx gives its owners the benefits of having a minimum asset value, like a stable coin, while also facilitating growth in value like traditional cryptocurrencies.

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