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1st itemhunters knifeupgradeoptionalBUILDendless battleswift bootse4 fury or windtalkerblade of despairx slot optional buildSPELLretributioninsp. Unique Passive Activate.

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Skill 3 Grenade Bombardment.

How to build clint mobile legend. Make sure you dont miss any minions in lane. Unique Passive Typhoon. Pastikan juga kamu membaca artikel terkait Mobile Legends atau tulisan menarik lain dari Em Yopik Rifai.

This is the reworked Clint. Build item diatas adalah yang paling cocok untuk dipasangkan pada hero Clint Mobile Legends berikut penjelasan efek dari masing-masing item tersebut pilihan baris 1. Without further ado here are three item builds that synergize well with Clints frantic antics.

If your enemy mid lane missing warn your team. Clint Mobile Legends. This is Clint guide tutorial.

Clint is the fastest hero from his class with movement speed 248 and highest physical attack of. I build this first to get more chance of critical damage and usually whenever i trade damage in laning phrase with this item only i have 100 confident there will be at least 1 critical hit. Bertarung menggunakan 2 senjata sekaligus Clint menjadi salah satu hero Mobile Legends yang cukup ditakuti.

1 grenade can be restored every 12 seconds up to 5. Blind Smoke is a good ability to use in the middle of a fight as it reduces the enemys hit chance and deals damage to them. Item Build Ideas for Clint.

Rekomendasi Battle Spell dan Set Emblem. Swift Boots akan meningkatkan 15 Attack Speed dan 40 Movement SPD Clint. Bang Bang s release known to be a lethal hero in terms of creating large bursts with a single attack during the mid and late game phase.

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Do whatever it takes to be a legend. Build Clint Tersakit Paling Mematikan. Jika kamu punya trik lainnya jangan lupa share di kolom komentar.

Clint very good in team fight. There are many different builds of Clint but i will only be explaining mine. A very mobile and offensive hero which can get the MVP medal with the perfect build guide.

Also Clint is 15k BPs. Penjelasan dan Penggunaan Skill Clint. Bringing you another Clint tutorial.

Immediately increases movement speed 42. Video-GamePlay Clint With this Build. WazzzuuupIn this video you will see how to use revamp Clint in mobile legends.

Clint launches a grenade in the designated direction and explodes when it hits the enemy dealing physical damage and slowing them by 25 for 12 seconds. Shortly Gear Combination for Clint Mobile Legends Clint New Attack Build tems Recommended Ability for Clint Assault Mobile Legends Assault. Get this items and be dangerous.

You can follow them to a tee or even tweak them a little bit. Kali ini saatnya saya membagikan guide Clint Mobile Legends. After every 5 basic attacks the next basic attack must deal 125 magic damage to 3 enemies.

Clint mempunyai skill-skill yang mendukung yaitu Quick Draw Blind Smoke Heel Rope dan Howitzer. He is very damaging especially him Combo Shot and Deadly Bloom. I give you some tips tricks and the build is in there too.

Each time Typhoon is cast ones movement speed will be increased 5 for a short time. I hope you enjoy. Kemampuan passive Clint yaitu Quick Draw setelah mengeluarkan kemampuan milik Clint basic attack Clint selanjutnya akan dapat menembus penetration musuh sampai ke belakang AOE.

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Clint adalah hero Mobile Legends yang mempunyai penampilan seperti Cowboy. Clint is one of the earlier Marksman heroes created during Mobile Legends. Best Item Builds for Clint.

Clint a hero from Mobile Legends and part of the Marksman class. Clint Build Guide In Mobile Legends. Most of the situations its better to push the turret.

Swift Boots Endless Battle and Berserkers Fury are wise items to build on Clint giving him some added damage and other nice stats that will help his gameplay. Itulah guide Clint Mobile Legends build item Clint dan beragam tips trik Clint yang bisa kamu coba di dalam game Mobile Legends. This effect slowly fades over 10s.

Pasif Quick Draw Skill 1 Blind Smoke Skill 2 Heel Rope Skill 3 Howitzer Combo Skill Clint Paling Mematikan. New revamped Clint is much better than old. 20 Critical Strike Chance.

Proceed to push mid lane if your minions is alive otherwise jungle or help your team. Clint adalah hero marksman di Mobile Legends yang mempunyai kemampuan burst damage sangat baik. Berikut adalah Build Item Clint dan Tips Menggunakannya.

Although hes less picked in the current meta hes still one of the best Marksman to be able to chip down HPs with a single shot. CLINT – TIPS ITEMS SPELL EMBLEMS TRICKS AND GUIDE – MGL MOBILE LEGENDS BOOT CAMP VOLUME 47. CLINT SAVAGE AUTO SAVAGE BUILD EASY SAVAGE MOBILE LEGENDS – YouTube.

1ST SKILL 3RD SKILL ULTIMATE 2ND SKILL. Recommended Emblem Set for Clint. Clear your lanes jungle repeat.

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